Being a blackboard restaurant you can expect new and exciting dishes whenever you visit The Black Sheep.


Of course, what you’ll find will depend on all manner of changeable events such as the weather, seasonal ingredients and Jonny’s mood, but there will be a small set menu for those who enjoy eating their favourite dishes often.

From a small set menu of comfort fare to the more adventurous blackboard specials, Jonny will bring his legendary flare to wow palates of any persuasion. But take note, once items are scratched off the blackboard they’re done for the day – so come early to avoid disappointment. (Just a heads up, grab five friends and book his seven-hour pot roast larded leg of lamb in sherry and onions with boiled fingerlings.)

The tradition of The Black Sheep is always about making merry, with the best quality food and best service. No one leaves The Black Sheep hungry.