Our goal is to create a menu that pays homage to and expands the cultural heritage that Cape Town is famous for.

For more than 200 years, Cape Town was the gateway between east and west, a vital way-station for explorers, merchant fleets and great navies. As a meeting place between worlds, it has been infused with a special character unlike any other in South Africa.

The city was built on Dutch canals, arranged around British avenues and squared, and flanked by French wine farms, and today embraces its future as a cosmopolitan African city, offering its own unique food experiences.

Thanks to this special place both in the world and in history, Cape Town is a hybrid space, an eclectic mix of cultures, influences and culinary traditions. It is one of the few places in the world where the cuisines of Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia are all authentically at home.

At The Black Sheep we aim to make the most of this, which is why you’ll find our menu influenced by all these cuisines.
And, just as Cape Town’s identity has been in constant flux, so too is our blackboard menu: a way of remaining open to ingredients and inspirations we find on any given day.


We source our ingredients locally, with a strong emphasis on sustainable, ethically farmed foodstuffs.

For us, this makes sense for two main reasons: it leaves a smaller footprint on the region and local ingredients, gathered close to Cape Town, just taste better.

That’s why, whether it’s succulents from the West Coast, Nguni beef or fish on the SASSI green list, you’ll be tasting the culinary heritage of the south-western Cape.

When it comes to meat we have a nose-to-tail philosophy; using as much of an animal as we can is not only less wasteful, but allows us to play with an exciting variety of taste combinations.

When it’s available we also serve local game, including kudu, blesbok and springbok.

However, since these are free-roaming animals ethically reared in natural bush, the natural cycles of nature dictate availability.


Our lunch menu tends towards lighter dishes (our blue cheese and bacon burger is a particular favourite) although those in search of a hearty meal will also find a selection of popular dishes from the dinner menu.

Our dinner menu is extensive, featuring everything from comfort food and familiar dishes to more adventurous and conceptual dishes

For groups from 12 to 28 people, we provide a set menu consisting of 8 dishes (starters, mains and dessert). We do this to ensure you and your guests enjoy the best of what we have to offer. Please understand that it is hard to guarantee exactly what will be on the menu until the day and until the boats actually come in. Give us call or drop us an email to discuss what we can do for you.

We want to share our pleasure with you, no matter what your specific dietary requirements, which is why we’re happy to provide vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.

Opening times: Monday from 17:00 till late. Tuesday to Saturday from 12:00 till late. Sundays Closed
104 Kloof Street, Gardens. 0214262661
For bookings please email us to | Phone: 0214262661